Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

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What is Spiritual Direction 

The opportunity to companion with a certified spiritual director, guided by the Holy Spirit to identify the movements and actions of God in the individuals’ life; and to discern God’s will, through reading of scripture and other Catholic writings, as well as, developing a disciplined prayer time. 



The individual will be praying and asking for graces and virtues through reflecting on scripture, cultivating a structured prayer time, keeping a journal, and meeting with the spiritual director to share and identify the movements of the Holy Spirit in the individuals’ life. The format used is based on Ignatian spirituality. 


Role of the Directee

The candidate for spiritual direction should have an interior desire to grow closer to the Lord, be committed to increasing and/or developing a deeper prayer life, and have a commitment to regular meetings with his or her spiritual director. 


Role of the Director

Graduates from the Cenacle of Our Lady of Divine Providence are instructed that the Holy Spirit is the director of the process and are trained in active listening and responding. It is a sacred, confidential relationship. One result of active listening is that the person seeking direction learns to identify and respond to the voice of the Holy Spirit in his or her life. 

Some of the functions of the director include:

  • conducting an initial interview to determine fit and process between the director and directee 
  • ensuring a safe trusting atmosphere
  • encouraging participation in the sacramental life of the church 
  • following the guidelines set forth by the Diocese of St Augustine for Spiritual Directors 

It is not within the scope of spiritual direction to offer counseling, advice, or problem solving.


All inquiries should be sent to [email protected] or leave name and contact information with the church office at 904-330-0153 and we will contact you. 


Approved Spiritual Directors for JPII: Barbara Lorenzo, Kathleen Patneau, Kelli Stokes, Dennis Stone


The following questions can be useful for prayerful consideration and reflection to help you discern readiness for spiritual direction. What is God doing in your life now? How do you find your prayer experience? What is your method of prayer? Have you experienced a conversion in your faith life? What is your reason for seeking spiritual direction?