Bible Study

Bible Study

Welcome to Bible Study!

Our studies are open to all men and women who are interested in learning and sharing the Word of God. 

We meet on Friday mornings at 9:30am in the Church.  Most studies are DVD-oriented with discussion afterward. 
There is no charge to participate in the studies; but on occasion study guides may be available for purchase.

Please come join us to meet your fellow parishioners and further your knowledge of our Catholic Faith.  You never stop learning – from cradle Catholic to RCIA attendee!

Please contact Marsha Slick at [email protected] / 904-395-3638 to register or for more information.


New Study to Begin November 6, 2020!

“Queen of Heaven”

This is a DVD series, and no workbooks are required.  We will have brief discussions afterward. 


Dates:  Fridays, 9:30 to 11 am

November 6 - The Battle Begins:  The Woman & the Serpent 

November 13 – The Annunciation:  The Day Creation Held Its Breath 

November 20 – The Sorrowful Mother: A Sword Shall Pierce Your Soul 

December 4 – Mother of the Church: All Generations Will Call Me Blessed 


“She is history’s most famous woman. Those who come to her at their hour of need are welcomed with a mother’s love, compassion, and care. She is gentleness itself to all who turn to her, save one: To Lucifer, the devil, she is an implacable foe. 

Queen of Heaven is the story the battle between the angel who said “no” to God, and the woman who said “yes.” It is a battle that has flared through history to the current day. “